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Thanks for supporting Flashforge as always! In order to improve customer experience, we upgrade our products as follows:


Product name Upgrade content Function profit


Expected switching time
Inventor Optimize leveling operation process To make it easier on leveling Apr. 2019
Creator Pro


Dreamer NX

Content of quick start guide was updated More comprehensive on leveling process Apr. 2019
FlashPrint v3.26.1 1. Slicing function optimized for Creator 3

2. Fix the bug when setting the overhand threshold for auto supports

3. Add Portugal and Korean to language options

(For further details, please refer to Readme)

1. To make printing parameter setting more convenient on Creator 3

2. Optimizing the auto supports function, to take supports off easier

3. To assist Portugese&Korean-speaking users understand better on this software

Apr. 2019
Creator3 firmware v1.0.0-20190404 1. Strengthen Flashprint connection stability 1. Strengthen Flashprint connection stability


Apr. 2019
ExplorerMax firmware

v1.0.7 20190417

Optimize motor controlling To improve the equipment working accuracy Apr. 2019


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