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Product name Upgrade content Function profit


Expected switching time

Explorer Max

Optimize power system Adapt to more complex electricity environment July. 2019
FlashDLPrint v1.3.0 1. Add the function of file list.
2.  Support to select multiple models for independent rotation or being placed on the base plate.

3、Optimize slicing algorithm,more suitable for dental applications

4.Optimize support algorithm.

More suitable for dental application July. 2019
Flashprint v3.28.0 1、Add the function of nozzle brush;

2、Support grid support mode;

3、Add grid path to the linear option;

4、Support to set extrusion radio of the first layer

improve  the problem of filament leakage;

Reduce the use of pva and reduce the printing time;

Better adhesion to the first layer

July. 2019


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                                                                                                                    14th, June. 2019